Is The Opposite Of Warren’s "Socialism" An Anti-American Fraudulent Capitalism

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I like to think you’d find that news source rather anti-social, even criminal, in its violent and vandalistic hostility toward our neighbors, our fellow people living in the United States. You might even think this news source must be the publication of some underground fringe group and certainly not mainstream media production. If you think about it, an article instructing people in how, put nicely, to avoid—or, put more bluntly and accurately, downright evade—paying taxes is really not all that different from the articles I invented above. Tax evasion is, of course, a federal crime; and while it might commonly be understood as a crime against the government, it is really, also, a serious and violent crime against the people. America, indeed, provides a fertile environment for growing and accumulating wealth. While we can argue over what constitutes one’s fair share, we can’t really argue the fact that paying taxes is simply paying the bill for all the services and infrastructure the nation provides for individuals to generate wealth. Not paying taxes, conversely, is equivalent to taking money from one’s neighbor or helping to destroy the public infrastructure we all need and use.

If you avoid or evade paying taxes on the wealth you’ve earned in this nation, then I’m either going to need to pay more to get the same services I’ve been receiving or else those services will be curtailed. The education I receive won’t be as effective; my access to healthcare will be diminished; bridges and roads may crumble; social security benefits may vanish leaving me high and dry in my senior years; and so forth. Hence, evading one’s tax obligations, paying one’s bill, is in fact a violent crime against people. It’s a dine and dash of great magnitude. And let’s really think about the minimal impact on people’s wallets and substantial benefits for people’s lives in the nation Warren’s proposal, under attack all week on CNBC, would have. 50 million, they pay a 2% tax—or 2 cents per dollar. 275 trillion over ten years. 750 billion would be down payments on medicare-for-all and the green new deal. And, let me repeat, this tax impacts less than .1% of households. The benefits seem transformational for our nation’s people, for our nation.

275 trillion Warren’s team projects because of tax avoidance schemes, imagine if it brought in even half of what is projected. The good for people’s lives would be tremendous. 50 million assets to evade the tax. The strategy is fairly simple. 1 million a year. 50 million and neither would owe any wealth tax. Accountants to the wealthy add that as long as couples follow the legal process of divorce, the Internal Revenue Service wouldn’t likely challenge the strategy. "I don’t know of any cases where the IRS has stepped into a legal divorce and challenged it," said Joseph Perry, tax and services leader for Marcum. People disparage Warren as a socialist. And yet these tax evasion schemes, the devising of a capitalist mentality, seem to me most dangerous and harmful to Americans. They seem un-American in their desire to avoid helping other Americans, making American lives possible and better, just by having .1% of households pay a fair share. Is it just me, or is Warren’s supposed "socialism" as appealing as baseball and apple pie, far more in the vein of the American traditions we like to celebrate than these schemes of the wealthiest capitalists? Tim Libretti is a professor of U.S.

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